Here you find some videos we have created to either show progress on a particular project, or to demonstrate some of the details of our kits, which are soon covered up once on site and the following trades are forging ahead.

45 Minute SIP Extension

A time-lapse video showing an extension built using Lowe SIPs Structural Insulated Panels. The extension was erected in just 45 minutes, providing an energy efficiet and air-tight addition to the existing building.

Toys for The Boys

The team would be queuing up for this job if they could - looks fun and produces a wonderful finish to the concrete floor. Just click here

SIP Extension - Internal View of Construction and Installation Details

This is a simple SIPs extension we installed in just 45 minutes. The video shows:

* simple connection details for the Structural Insulated Panels.,

* the tight fit of one panel to the next, improving the air-tightness of the building,

* the panel numbering system, aiding quick installation once on site,

* and the co-ordination of the SIP system with other structural members such as pre-assembled posts and glulam beams.

US Construction Expert Explains SIP Construction

US Construction Expert Matt Risinger explains the significant benefits of a Structural Insulated Panel system.