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Pool Refurbishment - Hydrotherapy Pool - Chilterns MS Centre, Aylesbury

Pool Refurbishment - Hydrotherapy Pool - Chilterns MS Centre, Aylesbury
The Chilterns MS centre in Aylesbury provides physical, practical & emotional therapy for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The hydrotherapty pool area including changing rooms, WCs and the pool itself received a complete refurbishment from the Lowe Group.

Hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy in warm water) provides unique support and resistance, allowing physiotherapists to target specific areas of the body effectively. Water supports the body weight and helps to stabilise someone with balance problems, which can be very beneficial when treating multiple sclerosis.

The hydrotherapy pool at Chilterns MS Centre is therefore an invaluable tool in the treatment they provide, and this impressive refurbishment will allow the centre to continue providing top class treatments and support to its members.

The existing pool had a hydraulic platform, which had failed. With the client not wanting to replace the platform and run the risk of the same occurring at some point in the future, we were tasked with removing it and in-filling the whole footprint, to reduce the overall pool depth.

Further issues were evident with the existing waterproofing of the pool, which had failed in areas, along with the stability of existing pool surround, which required removal and re-screeding, to various depths, to achieve the levels needed.

The works entailed the removal of existing failed hydraulic platform, the entire pool and surround were stripped back, repaired, levelled, re-waterproofed, screeded, and re-tiled. All of the changing rooms and WCs were redecorated with new doors, which were upgraded with laminate-faced, hardwood doors.

Chilterns MS Centre Lowe Group Refurbishment

Chilterns MS Centre Lowe Group Refurbishment2

Chilterns MS Centre Lowe Group Refurbishment3