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Our relationship with Jason Argent of Silverline Developments stretches back nearly ten years. He will always use SIPs in his developments and, aside from the well-documented benefits of SIPs, including the thermal performance, air tightness and speed of build, Jason cites his relationship with Matt Keogh (Operations Manager at Lowe Group) as a key reason he keeps coming back.

‘Matt has been my central point of contact throughout the builds on our past five projects. We have developed a strong working relationship and speak openly, honestly and professionally. If ever there has been an issue or hurdle to overcome we work through it together.'

We are already working with Jason on Silverline’s next development, which integrates a basement into the design, on a sloping site with panoramic views.

‘Throughout our working relationship we have continually developed details and added improvments to the properties – we introduced a fully insulated SIP dormer to a chalet bungalow on one project – the complicated angles involved seemed a challenge at first but the end result was a fantastic feature to the property!’