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Jason Argent of Silverline Developments has been building using SIPs since 2012 and aside from the well-documented benefits of SIPs, including the thermal performance, air tightness and speed of build, Jason cites his relationship with Matt Keogh (Operations Manager at Lowe Build) as a key reason he keeps coming back to a SIP build route

‘Matt has been my central point of contact throughout the SIP builds on our past five projects. We have developed a strong working relationship and speak openly, honestly and professionally. If ever there has been an issue or hurdle to overcome we work through it together and I have total belief in SIPs as a building system.’

Silverline’s next development will integrate a basement into the design and Jason is keen to explore the possibilities of working with the Lowe Group to add the groundworks and basement construction into a package with a SIP superstructure.

‘Throughout our working relationship we have continually developed details and added improvments to the properties – we introduced a fullly insulated SIP dormer to a chalet bungalow on one project – the complicated angles involved seemed a challenge at first but the end result was a fantastic feature to the property – and all in SIPs!’