45 Minute SIP Extension

A time-lapse video showing an extension built using Lowe SIPs Structural Insulated Panels. The extension was erected in just 45 minutes, providing an energy efficiet and air-tight addition to the existing building.

Toys for The Boys

The team would be queuing up for this job if they could - looks fun and produces a wonderful finish to the concrete floor. Just click here

SIP Extension - Internal View of Construction and Installation Details

This is a simple SIPs extension we installed in just 45 minutes. The video shows:

* simple connection details for the Structural Insulated Panels.,

* the tight fit of one panel to the next, improving the air-tightness of the building,

* the panel numbering system, aiding quick installation once on site,

* and the co-ordination of the SIP system with other structural members such as pre-assembled posts and glulam beams.

US Construction Expert Explains SIP Construction

US Construction Expert Matt Risinger explains the significant benefits of a Structural Insulated Panel system.