Projects - St. Mary's Hospital

St. Mary's Hospital

Surgical Assessment Unit

The creation of the new Surgical Assessment Ward required the project to be broken down into three phases.

In Phase 1 we created a new staff room including kitchen and welfare provisions. Once operational, Phase 2 commenced with the old staff room being stripped out and converted in to a new ultrasound room and waiting area.

Within Phase 3 we created the new 12 bed surgical assessment ward, the ward included a new reception area, nurse’s station, 6 examination rooms and 5 en-suite bathrooms.

The M & E installation included new and replacement automatic fire and smoke dampers, relocation of the exiting VRV system, complete rewiring including lighting, power, fire alarm, data and nurse call system.

The adjoining areas and wards remained in occupation throughout the project with services infrastructure and connections being carried out, out of hours.