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Self Build


Mr. and Mrs. Patel chose to build their dream home in Suffolk using a SIP superstructure and were very thankful for the support, advice and input provided by Matt Keogh (Operations Manager at Lowe Group).

Mr. Patel recalls:

‘We first met Matt at a trade show and it was late in the day when most exhibitors were packing up for the day or had already left.’

At this point in the process we hadn’t decided upon a construction route - thankfully Matt was on hand to answer all of our initial questions and more importantly arranged for us to visit and meet the owner of an ongoing build, which was very useful and helped us with our decision making.

Matt was polite, courteous and very knowledgeable – he treated us with respect, answered all our questions, added his own input and at all times assured us that we had the final say, this gave us confidence in him and we promised to send a set of our drawings to him for a quotation.’

The drawings were duly despatched and a quotation, followed in good time. Whilst they were happy with the price offered, the planning process was proving more difficult than they had anticipated and certain revisions were required to their initial design.

‘We probably went through three or four revisions and each time I went back to Matt to see how the package would be affected. It was extremely helpful for us to be able to discuss our project with him to determine what items he could provide (e.g. upgraded wall panels) and how they would benefit our home. We were delighted to eventually agree a package, which we feel represented excellent value for money and we have all the elements within the build we had hoped for: excellent thermal performance and air-tightness, plus the bonus of a huge room in the roof as the SIP roof space requires no trusses!'

'An even bigger bonus was that Matt was always at our side, to help with every question we had. He provided on-going support and interfaced with rest of his team to ensure we were well supported. This type of support is invaluable for a self-builder and as this was our first (probably last) build, we needed lot of 'hand-holding' and we can’t praise Matt enough for his thoroughly professional service.'

Mr. and Mrs. Patel spent a lot of time researching each stage of the build and, were they to ever self build again, admit that a package including the groundworks and foundations would be something they would consider as well as other services such as external finishes and roofing:

‘I know the Lowe Group can offer much more than just a SIP package and although we are extremely happy in our new home, should we ever decide on another new build project we will definitely use them again.'